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CEO Joel Landau and The Allure Group Launch EarlySense

September 19, 2017

Joel Landau, the CEO of The Allure Group, is excited to announce that the network of skilled nursing facilities in Manhattan and Brooklyn will now be using the EarlySense contact-free patient monitoring system. Contact-free patient monitoring is the wave of the future, an approach that allows healthcare providers to collect accurate patient medical information without using traditional medical tools and equipment. EarlySense is designed to prove real time data delivery and features tools that facilitate quality care. Implementation of the EarlySense system across all of our centers is underway, with Joel Landau and the team expecting facility-wide implementation by the end of this year.

Joel Landau founded The Allure Group in 2012 with a commitment to create centers that provide only the top healthcare services and improve quality of life throughout New York City and Brooklyn. He worked to implement an integrated short-term rehabilitation and long-term nursing care center in one place, which now enables patients to remain at one center for the entire course of treatment. This eliminates hospital travel time, stress, and delays in treatment. It also greatly reduces the risk of infection as the patient does not need to change environments.

EarlySense is an innovative system that helps The Allure Group track vital signs through sensors and can easily be placed under a mattress or cushion. This way, Joel Landau, COO Melissa Powell, and the rest of the dedicated team at Allure can use it to keep track of a patient’s vital signs while they are in a hospital or lounging on a chair in the facility. They can monitor the heart rate and respiratory rate easily with a high degree of accuracy. As a result, medical staff can keep track of developments in a patient’s health and take immediate action if there are signs of a serious problem. Statistics so far have shown that implementation of the EarlySense system is directly correlated to a 45% reduction in patient falls, a 60% reduction in pressure ulcer development and an 80% reduction in code blue events.

Meeting a patient’s needs as quickly and effectively as possible for Joel Landau and the The Allure Group. It is their mission to maintain a high level of care and utilize all of the technologies, applications, and tools available, streamlining operations within the facility and optimize data management. Joel Landau also wants to make sure The Allure Group’s patients remain comfortable and don’t feel like they are constantly being asked to take simple tests all the time to check their blood pressure or respiratory rate. The EarlySense implementation is in alignment with these goals and is an important step forward for Allure’s organization and patients.

Bringing the EarlySense system to The Allure Group’s facilities is significant to the medical community because, up until now, no other nursing facilities in Manhattan and Brooklyn have fully adopted the EarlySense system into their patient monitoring processes. The Allure Group is the first network in the area to provide advanced, accurate, and efficient patient monitoring and data collection with an innovative system, of which CEO Joel Landau is immensely proud. This system will also be valuable to patients receiving care at any of Allure’s nursing and rehabilitation centers.

With EarlySense, patients no longer have to undergo the tedious process of having their blood pressure checked multiple times a day or taking breaks with a nurse to check their respiratory rate. All of the data is collected through the sensor-based system strategically placed under a hospital bed mattress or chair cushions throughout Allure’s centers.

Joel Landau and the team at Allure are expecting EarlySense systems to be installed at all of Allure’s nursing and rehabilitation centers in Manhattan and Brooklyn by the end of this year. EarlySense technology has already been implemented in 200 beds at The Allure Group’s Bedford Center in Brooklyn to a promising start.

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