Cultural Programs

Being located in the world’s melting pot of New York City means we serve a highly diverse group of people. To fully serve each community, we have developed a number of programs to ensure each of our clients feel welcome and cared for.

The Longevity Garden

This unique program draws upon the many memories, activities, and sensory experiences familiar to patients of Asian descent. The Longevity Garden at Hamilton Park, Bedford Center and King David Center creates a nostalgic atmosphere provided by culturally sensitive staff members who speak your language and understand your traditions.

The Longevity Garden program provides:

  • Registered nurse managers who are fluent in various Chinese dialects as well as English
  • On-site translators to ensure all needs are met and communicated accurately
  • Specially designed bilingual recreational activities and programs
  • Authentic Chinese cuisine prepared daily by our specialty trained chef and served in an intimate setting, where all residents of the program can dine together
  • Daily newspapers and multiple Chinese TV programs/channels

Glatt Kosher

The King David Center and Bedford Center are both Glatt Kosher facilities. They understand that Jewish traditions are an important part of daily life. We are proud to offer:

  • Rabbinical Services
    The Rabbinical staff is deeply concerned for our residents’ well-being and happiness. They have daily involvement with both our residents and their families.
  • Prayers
    All residents can partake in religious services three times a day in our newly renovated shul.
  • Kosher Menu
    Our Glatt Kosher kitchens are overseen by a full-time Mashgiach who is under the strict guidance of the Viener Dayan of Monsey, R’ Menachem Fisher. We believe that all patients should enjoy their dining experience and have the comfort of knowing that their religious beliefs are being adhered to in the most stringent manner.
  • Shabbos
    Davening and a beautiful full course Shabbos meal is served in the shul to residents and families.
  • Yomim Tovim
    We provide an authentic and traditional holiday experience for each of the Yomim Tovim in the Jewish calendar year. With our additional touches, our residents and their families feel a taste of home.

Romashka Gardens 

The Romashka Gardens Program at King David Center draws upon the many memories, activities, and sensory experiences familiar to patients of Russian decent. Romashka Gardens offers a unique, yet familiar, approach to rehabilitation. 

It is no secret that environment plays a role in the healing process. Those seeking admission to Romashka Gardens will not only find exemplary care, but a nostalgic atmosphere with culturally sensitive staff that speak their language and understand their customs.

Romashka Garden residents enjoy:

  • An environment that reflects the Russian tradition, style and language
  • Authentic Russian/Kosher cuisine prepared and served daily
  • Meals served in an intimate setting where residents can dine together
  • Jewish and religious services offered in Russian and Yiddish
  • Russian publications and television channels

Salud Latina

At our Crown Heights Center, we offer a unique bilingual Spanish/English neighborhood that draws upon the many memories, activities, and sensory experiences that bring our patients back to their youth. Salud Latina provides:

  • An environment that reflects the Hispanic tradition and style
  • Bilingual physicians, nurses and social workers who ensure all needs are communicated accurately and timely
  • Authentic Spanish cuisine prepared and served daily and served in an intimate setting where residents can dine together
  • Religious services offered in Spanish
  • An array of in-room Spanish publications and more than 20 premium channels
  • Customized recreation calendar