Founded in 2011, The Allure Group began, as many companies do, as a solution to a problem. When caring for his elderly grandfather, CEO Joel Landau noticed deficiencies in New York City’s eldercare field: specifically, a lack of resources and services that made it difficult for the area’s seniors to get the help they needed to continue leading lives of dignity, comfort, and purpose.

As with most visionaries, Landau saw an opportunity. He embarked on a mission to create a strong support structure for New York’s seniors. When Victory Memorial Hospital was on the brink of closure in 2010, Landau and his partners acquired the center and transformed it into Hamilton Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

The success of the Victory acquisition led to sustained growth and opportunity. Today, The Allure Group manages six centers across Brooklyn and Manhattan. With the appearance and amenities of five-star hotels, these centers cater to the unique needs of the members in their specific community. With programs like the Longevity Gardens for Chinese seniors, Salud Latina for Latino seniors, bilingual staff members, as well as specialty services for patients with dementia, we do more than keep our residents comfortable and safe – we give them the opportunity to live up to their full potential.

The Allure Group’s holistic health centers are designed to support the growing needs of the aging population and to eliminate the “revolving door” nature of many rehab facilities. By creating spaces that are attentive to the needs of residents when it comes to their health, comfort, culture, and quality of life, Allure’s interdisciplinary team cultivates an environment where patients can thrive.