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Summer is Here and The Allure Group Kicked it Off With Some Fun Events

July 12, 2018

Nothing says summer like a great party, and The Allure Group has been relishing the advent of our favorite season with several fun celebrations across our centers.

Recently our residents donned their best sun hats and shades for a field trip to the home of their center’s beloved Rabbi. Rabbi Stern is always looking for ways to improve residents’ well-being and happiness, and his latest efforts included throwing them a backyard barbeque – at his own house!

In addition to plenty of good food, great company and lively conversations, Rabbi Stern even arranged for live musical entertainment. Two well-known American Hasidic Jewish singers performed for the party: Yeedle Werdyger and Levy Falkowitz. With six solo albums and several collaborations, Yeedle is a master of Contemporary Hasidic music. He is also the son of singer Mordechai Ben David, and the grandson of renowned cantor David Werdyger. Levy has been featured on dozens of albums and is best known as being the front man for Freilach band and for his participation in the Shira Choir. He recently released his long-awaited debut album, “Achke Loi.” Residents had a great time singing along to both talented musicians in a relaxed and intimate environment. They were even able to meet the stars in person, and the musicians seemed just as excited to meet our storied residents as our residents were to meet the musicians! Rabbi Stern has already fielded countless questions as to when he plans to host his next event.

Residents also enjoyed an exciting bingo game. Nothing feeds our residents’ competitive fires quite as much as a good, old-fashioned bingo match, and this event was no exception! Our friends sat before their game pieces, brimming with hopeful smiles and, in some cases, playful sass, carefully marking each number that brought them closer to the familiar and highly anticipated refrain, “Bingo!” While not everyone left with a prize, everyone enjoyed the game and went home feeling like a winner.

Our recent horticulture event was another fun program that really got us thinking about the joys of summer. Residents learned about several types of early-summer flowers and the finer points of caring for them. Each resident potted their very own plant, and enjoyed admiring the beautiful array of colorful flowers and smelling the distinct, fresh scents of each variety. Nothings says summer like gorgeous, plentiful blooms!

Father’s Day was a summer occasion marked by several celebrations across our centers, as also seen in our most recent blog post. We thoroughly enjoyed honoring the many fathers that touch our lives each day, and showing them our appreciation and gratitude. Our resident fathers are always quick to lend a helping hand, grace us with their boundless wisdom, or bring a smile to our faces with their sharp wit and good humor. It was our pleasure to return the favor, just a little, with these fun celebrations that were enjoyed by all, even the moms. And we didn’t forget about all the fathers that work for us, either. We made sure that they knew we were honoring their many contributions, too.

We’d like to thank all those who participated in our events for contributing to the fun. These parties are a success because our residents show up, and we’re delighted to know such a wealth of lively, genial and inspirational men and women. We’re lucky to share our lives with such a fun-loving and sociable group.

Thanks also to all of our staff members who made these events possible. Your hard work and dedication is evident everywhere we look, and we’re grateful for your many contributions. And a special thanks to Rabbi Stern, who has not only opened his heart to our residents, he’s now opened his home, as well.

We hope you enjoy these photos from our latest summer events. And stay tuned for more. After all, the summer is just getting started! We’re sure to think of many more ways to enjoy the warm weather and longer days.

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