Cardiac Arrhythmia

Rehab Center, New York, USA

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High HR Notification leads to Telemedicine Call and
Transfer to Hospital for TX of Suspected SVT for Long-Term Care Resident

Patient: Male long term care resident

Indication: High HR Alerts of 200-202 BPM

Assessment: Nursing staff called Telehealth Solutions MD immediately and they had a visual encounter with the resident. Resident was not symptomatic, but Telehealth was very concerned about SVT and felt resident may need a cardioversion.

Response: Telehealth MD felt the patient needed to be in a fully monitored setting, resident was transferred to the hospital for further evaluation.

Quote: If not for EarlySense, we might have had a “ CODE BLUE” in our building. We captured a life threatening condition in time with the help of our new technologies (Early Sense and Telehealth). CHC is very grateful for providing these tools to keep our resident safe.

Nenita Alfonso, Director of Nursing