Paul Richards

Paul RichardsChief of Informatics & Quality

Paul Richards is the director of healthcare informatics and quality improvement for The Allure Group. He received his BA from The New York Institute of Technology with a focus on finance and later transitioned into the healthcare sector after receiving his license as a Professional Registered Nurse for New York state. Utilizing his background in business and knowledge of the healthcare landscape acquired after eight years of experience, he joined The Allure Group in 2015 as the corporate EMR nurse/data analyst. 

Paul serves as the bridge between information technology (IT) and the clinical operations team to enhance day-to-day workflows as well as track/analyze/trend clinical statistics. He is motivated by the thought of changing the healthcare sector and contributing towards its evolution as enhancements in healthcare technology continue to emerge and what that means for improvements in patient/resident care.

Paul is currently working on a collaborative project with The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in creating a risk stratification tool which helps to identify patients/residents at high risk for rehospitalization and the need for palliative care.