Melissa Powell

Melissa PowellPresident & Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Powell is the President and Chief Operating Officer of The Allure Group. A dedicated healthcare professional, hands-on leader and consummate innovator, Mrs. Powell has nearly 20 years of experience coordinating, assessing, and improving senior care in New Jersey and New York City.

As President of The Allure Group, Mrs. Powell represents New York’s largest for-profit nursing home chain in Brooklyn, improving the lives of over 1400 patients currently receiving care in Allure’s six 4 and 5 star facilities. Mrs. Powell is responsible for almost every policy and niche program, both cultural and clinical, and went from the first and only employee in operations to managing teams spanning six homes in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Mrs. Powell has overseen the development of the clinical and cultural programs that have changed the lives of thousands of New York City seniors. By single-handedly creating Allure’s day-to-day operations and all the programs they entail, she has succeeded in dramatically reducing readmission rates, along with census successes and a history of turning around surveys in homes for the better. Under her leadership, facility turnaround plans are customized to ensure consistent standards of safety and clinical soundness while reflecting the unique cultural and community needs of the respective neighborhoods that Allure serves. 

The Allure Group has a proven track record of transforming distressed not-for-profit facilities into clinically and financially viable centers, while enabling them to preserve their mission to service the community. Mrs. Powell has been a key driving force for company growth since the early days of acquisition, having improved overall quality measures to an average of 4.8.  Currently, Allure enjoys a 98% average occupancy rate as well as100% union support.

Mrs. Powell retains the hands-on attitude that has helped shape Allure and is currently spearheading a number of exciting initiatives, several of which are firsts for Brooklyn subacute care. These initiatives include the Early Sense contact free monitoring system, an organization-wide Telemedicine platform and Robotic Assisted Therapy implementations.  The Robotic rehabilitative technologies at Allure support patients’ long-term healthcare and wellness needs, while electronic monitoring system EarlySense prevents falls and other adverse health events. Mrs. Powell has also initiated innovative proprietary programs which address cardiac and neurological rehabilitation through cutting-edge treatment plans and pathways.

In her personal life, Mrs. Powell is the proud mother of two daughters and loves spending time with her family. Mrs. Powell lives her personal as well as her professional life under the guidance of the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated, a sentiment instilled in her during her years of Catholic education. Mrs. Powell infuses these values into her children through involvement in her local parish, where her daughter attends school.