Marvin Rubin


Marvin Rubin has spent the last two decades capitalizing on his success in the healthcare industry to build a diverse and symbiotic investment portfolio of companies that produces nearly $2 Billion in annual revenue. He is now employing his successful investment strategies and years of relationship building in healthcare, to advance industry-changing emerging technology.

After a successful early career in healthcare IT, in 2008 Marvin acquired a single skilled nursing facility in Brooklyn. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded the Allure Group and successfully scaled one building into a network of six centers in New York City. Today, Marvin owns and operates over 100 SNF’s across 20 states. Together with his partners, the group manages 600+ senior care facilities, employing over 70,000 professionals. He actively invests in and deploys senior care technology to offer state-of-the-art care throughout the network. Marvin’s keen sense of the healthcare landscape did not stop there. His innovative thinking led him to build one of the largest licensed home care agencies in New York City, not long before adding what is now a blossoming transportation company to his ever-growing portfolio.

After years of relationship building and business development, motivated by his interest in serving his community, Marvin founded Symbiotic Partners to invest in a broad spectrum of technology and services. He utilizes his deep network to source companies throughout the healthcare eco-system and beyond, maximizing their value cross-collaboratively. Always an innovative thinker, Marvin has approached each investment opportunity with an eye focused well beyond its face value. His uncanny ability to find and identify lines of integration have served not only his fellow investors well, but also those in his community. Marvin has an impeccable reputation for identifying talent and business opportunities. He is also known for his many charitable endeavors, supporting the underserved and his community.