Heshy Licht

Chief Financial Officer

Heshy Licht joined The Allure Group at its inception. As controller, Mr. Licht has responsibility for the financial management of the organization. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Licht served for more than 10 years as an auditor at Martin Friedman, CPA, a firm dedicated to nursing home auditing and financial planning. This experience provided him with the depth and breadth of knowledge required for this position and well prepared him in his new role with Allure.

At Allure, Mr. Licht played in instrumental role in bringing nursing home assets into financial profitability by restructuring facility contracts, negotiating with vendors, creating business office efficiencies, and securing favorable mortgages. His expertise in fiscal matters has resulted in financial turnaround for facilities which had significant losses at the time they were acquired.

Mr. Licht acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Touro College in Brooklyn, New York.