Alyssa Barrett

Alyssa BarrettDirector of Post-Acute Care Transitions, Rehabilitation

Alyssa Barrett implements and monitors clinical programs across the disciplines and clinical specialty areas of The Allure Group. She also serves as the comprehensive care for joint replacement navigator, facilitating patient care coordination throughout the care pathway, and the neuro rehabilitation program director at King David Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.

She began her career as a licensed speech-language pathologist in post-acute care, evaluating and intervening for patients with dysphasia and/or cognitive-linguistic impairments due to stroke, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and other neurological conditions. She also provided specialty care for soldiers with traumatic brain injuries.

Since joining The Allure Group in 2013, Alyssa has served in several leadership capacities including speech-language pathology supervisor and clinical specialist, providing clinical support and professional development for The Allure Group rehabilitation teams.

Strongly motivated by research, Alyssa aims to increase her knowledge and clinical expertise built on evidence-based practices for patients with cardiac, orthopedic and neurological conditions.