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At The Allure Group, Food Feeds More than Just the Body

October 17, 2018

When it comes to aging gracefully, diet is more powerful now than ever. Recent studies on aging show that a good diet brings both physical and mental health benefits. Eating healthily has a direct impact on reducing diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

The physiological benefits of healthy eating are undeniable, but that’s only the beginning. It’s the mental health benefits of healthy eating habits that make the aging person improve on all fronts. When a meal is a happy event, it can reduce loneliness, sharpen cognitive abilities, and improve overall brain health in senior citizens.

The Allure Group is proud to be an innovator in the assisted living industry when it comes to nourishment. At each of our locations, top-notch chefs prepare dishes that give residents maximum nutritional value. A full-time registered dietitian helps plan each senior’s diet and health journey during their time at the facility. Diverse cuisine options at the nursing home allow individuals of every culture to feel at home. Beautiful dining facilities make each meal relaxing and enjoyable. Each of these factors encourages socialization, routine, and improvement in health.

Many residents of The Allure Group are living away from their homes and families for the first time. They long for feelings of familiarity and comfort. Mealtimes encourage them to eat together, helping to combat social isolation and promoting connection. Socializing while eating can also reduce stress and anxiety. In turn, this improves digestion, balances hormones, and boosts moods.

Using food to highlight diversity makes The Allure Group stand out in quality from many other assisted living facilities. The food we serve at The Allure Group represents our residents’ varied cultural backgrounds. On a daily basis, mealtimes feature recipes from different parts of the world, from Spanish to Chinese, Russian and more.

Food from residents’ upbringings is also featured at special events during which seniors can partake in delicious dishes while enjoying activities and entertainment. Events for the Jewish residents often include a Shabbat dinner in the shul, available to both them and their families.

We strongly believe that anyone with religious beliefs should be able to dine within the parameters of their faith. Jewish residents have access to a full Kosher menu, prepared in a Kosher kitchen by the full-time Mashgiach who is guided by Viener Dyan of Mosney, R’ Menachem Fisher.

A visually pleasing ambiance enhances both the social and physical benefits of healthy eating. Whether at planned events or daily meals, residents eat in one of The Allure Group’s gorgeous environments such as any of our dining rooms, which features white linen tables and soft candle lighting. They can also enjoy authentic courses in our picturesque Longevity and Romashka Gardens.

At The Allure Group, mealtimes are always something to look forward to. The physiological, social and cultural benefits of being a resident are vast. Whether through the menu selections or the social connections, meals at The Allure Group bring about the best that life has to offer.

That is something to toast.  

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